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Freight Forwarding

Port to Port

Port to Port can be interpreted as where the shipper or goods sender delivers the goods to the shipping company appointed at the shipper's place of origin, and sent to the port receiving the goods. And the recipient of the goods or consignee also picks it up himself at the port specified by the consignee himself.

Door to Door

Door to Door service in the world of cargo is a service where the delivery method of goods will be picked up or picked up at the sender's location and delivered to the location of the recipient of the goods or consignee.

Logistic Solutions

Freight Forwarding

Sea Freight

Sea freight offers cost-effectiveness for bulky or heavy shipments and is ideal for goods not constrained by tight delivery schedules. It involves various types of vessels, including container ships, bulk carriers each suited to different types of cargo. Sea freight routes connect major ports worldwide, forming intricate networks that support the exchange of goods on a global scale.

Air Freight

Air freight is the rapid transportation of goods by aircraft, offering unparalleled speed and efficiency in global logistics. It's particularly advantageous for time-sensitive shipments, perishable goods, and high-value items where speed is crucial. Air freight allows for quick delivery, often within days, compared to the longer transit times of sea freight. Additionally, it offers reliability and security, with strict regulations and monitoring procedures in place.

Land Transport

Land transportation involves the movement of goods and people over land using various modes such as trucks, trains, and vehicles. It's a crucial component of logistics, offering flexibility, reliability, and accessibility for transporting goods to destinations not accessible by sea or air.

Other Services

International Freight Forwarder

International Freight Forwarder is a term used to describe a package delivery or package delivery group where the package is picked up from one country and sent to an address in another country. In this case, ILOGS synergizes with TOLL to become ILOGS TOLL Indonesia.
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Look for a freight forwarder with extensive experience in your specific industry or the type of goods you ship. Their deep knowledge and established relationships can be invaluable in ensuring the successful delivery of your goods.

Choose a freight forwarder with a strong international presence and a wide network of agents and partners. This will allow them to seamlessly coordinate multi-leg shipments and navigate the complexities of cross-border logistics.

Freight forwarders that invest in advanced technology, such as real-time tracking, automated customs clearance, and digital freight management, can provide greater visibility, efficiency, and responsiveness in your supply chain.

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